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Dr. Alison Milbauer, D.C.
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Chronic mid and lower back pain

“I have had chronic lower back and mid back pain since age 14. I also had poor posture and slouched over constantly! Having chronic pain affects all aspects of your life. I found that I was not enjoying things like I should because anything I did was always accompanied by pain. I can easily say that since beginning treatment at Cynergy, my life has dramatically improved. I’m walking straighter, feeling good, and most importantly, the pain I have had has been dramatically reduced.I still need treatment to manage my condition but doing so keeps me feeling much better than before I started going to Cynergy.”

- Joshua F.

Neck pain sufferer with trouble sleeping.

“I originally sought help from Dr. Milbauer, D.C. for neck pain. I was constantly tired, due to being unable to sleep, I couldn’t move like I wanted to, and the neck pain was limiting my overall lifestyle. Since I began care with at Cynergy, most of the time my neck pain is completely gone. I no longer wake up in the middle of the night with pain and I can move my head again, thanks so much!”

- Diana D.

Low Back Pain

“Before I went to Cynergy (Cynergy Chiropractic Center) I couldn’t sit still for even a minute due to constant discomfort. Since I started care, my posture is on the road to recovery, and even though it is a long process for me, I am definitely improving”

- Greg R.

Motor Vehicle Accident

“Before I came to see Dr. Milbauer, D.C. at Cynergy Chiropractic Center, my neck was so bad (and I didn’t even know how bad it was!) that I couldn’t even stand to wear a halter top or jewelry around my neck.” “I originally went to see her because my hip felt out of place, but after she examined me, she explained to me that my neck was a primary part of my problem from a car wreck I was in over 6 years ago!”

Since beginning care with Dr. Milbauer, D.C. my flexibility has improved, my overall function is much better and I have more energy too. I am able to perform my Yoga exercises like never before. I also really like the atmosphere of Cynergy. The motivation and support is great and working with others with the same health goals is also enjoyable.

- Dana C.

“I was having a hard time sleeping comfortably. My neck felt weak. I was constantly in pain while doing daily activities such as driving, cleaning my house and working. Even sitting and watching TV could be painful. My reason for seeking chiropractic care (from Dr. Milbauer, D.C.) was due to the discomfort and pain as well as my stiff necks caused by car accidents and possibly from a gymnastics accident.

Other doctors told me there was nothing that could be done to correct my neck problem.” Since beginning care with Dr. Milbauer, D.C., I feel like my neck can support my head like it is supposed to. I am sleeping much better. My posture has improved significantly. I feel better mentally too, after seeing the improvement I have made on the x-rays (of my neck). Overall, I feel much better.”

- Christina H.

Migraine Headache

“I was having severe migraine headaches and almost constant neck pain. I was sick of being on “pain-killers” almost 24/7. I couldn’t remember the last time I actually felt good physically” Since beginning care at Cynergy Chiropractic Center with Dr. Milbauer, D.C., “My migraines are almost gone. Instead of one a day it is about one per month. I am more aware of how my posture effects me at any given moment in a day.” “I now feel great physically and emotionally. I believe that whenever you’re getting good care and start a program to be better, it’s an emotional boost as well.” “I really enjoy the laid back atmosphere of the office and staff”

- Harmony D.

Neck Pain, associated Headache and Hands Tingling

Before I sought help from Dr. Milbauer, D.C., “Daily life was being affected. I could not do much. I was unable to swim, bike or exercise. I had major neck pain, headaches, tingling in my hands and had trouble with doing daily life activities."

After my care with Dr. Milbauer, D.C., "I am so much better. I feel GREAT! I don’t have headaches or the pain in my neck. The tingling has gone away. I feel almost 100% better.” “This is the best thing I could have ever done for myself, I feel wonderful, THANK YOU.”

- Emily M.


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